37. KKCCBB heavy weaponry update pt.2

This is obviously something I am using to cope with my own experiences in gun violence.

Most of the research so far has been theoretical, as in getting in touch with and speaking with gun survivors such as myself.

Gun violence in America has halfed, but gun related deaths have doubled.

Gun violence in Sweden still escalates to absurd standards.

In light of recent discoveries,, we (in which "we" have always meant "I") have a new working title.

Grief mk. 1.

Our biggest export will no longer be the Carl Gustav. It will be Grief.

We are looking into Smart Gun Technology and listening to nicely edited tales.

We are talking with people from MIT and we are in talks with weapons manufacturers.

We are exacting the recognition framework in which where you just point, and  then pull an imaginary trigger.

Convicted rapists will literally become canon fodder.

And this blog really is my one connection with the outside world.

I predicted Trumps inauguration on my latest record. 

I see in the newscast today that the woman who destroyed my life 2016” -with nobody caring thank you- is getting great reviews. 

[it feels as if] Trump is exactly like me. A privileged white old man, trying desperately to find substance and do likeable things, using monumental ideas, in a universe that just hates, in a method he does not understand.

Which leads- at first glance- to racist rhetoric and then spills into utter nonsense. All via social media and yelling in front of people.  

And in a desperate attempt to make an end to all of this we start a war against nobody really, just everybody. 

We split up searching for you.