36. KKCCBB heavy weaponry update.

To circumvent certain laws we need to also just print only the patent of the magazine and the facial recognition/movement technology. 

We will start small, with a Thompson 1928 magazine, but the ultimate goal is to produce a fully functioning Gatling by the end of this calendar year. 

Heavy weaponry is still swedens largest export. 

If we treat this as an export, then the metoo movement might finally have come full circle. 

Or we can keep the technology for ourselves, with everything that entails. 

I mean, we could produce weapons that only fire flowers, but that would be missing a point. 

Clothing line production and logotype design start on the fourth”.

Scheduled meeting with Cybertronic on the eight”.  

To be able to rip out the teeth of rapists we will need to change sweden's constitution, which I myself have already done in a previous blog. 

The money produced from the sales will go to refugee camps for the inevitable upcoming climate apocalypse. Which would render the Swedish Democrat party obsolete. 

To circumvent beef with an infamous graffiti crew we have renamed the product Scream mk 1. 

Our most famous export will no longer be the Carl Gustav. It will be Scream. 

We will also produce a non lethal alternative tear gas, which is gas made out of tears from children. 

We just want to see how far we can take this and what an idea is, and with that , what intention is, and with that, what consciousness is. 

People see guns that exist and think why? I see guns that don’t exist and think why not.