35. fuck it, im doing guns now.

In the beginning there was the word.

And i thought to myself, why do bling? 

So this is what is happening:

I am developing a solar driven automatic rifle that can only fire teeth. The ammunition will be shot at such rate that it will be armor piercing. The weaponry will be facial- and movement recognition based. You will not even have to pull a mother fucking trigger, just point.

The working title of the weaponry is FUCK YOU.

And the working title of MELANIEISDEMENTEDs label Wormfood Recs substation KKCCBBs arms division is Cybertronic.

The teeth will be excavated, publicly in town centers and without anaesthesia from the mouths of convicted rapists and paedofiles.

The prints are already made and it is already patent pending.

Mass production will commence shortly.

This is not your world anymore. It is ours.