34. Rubatosis

Very short story very short: 

I have not been in the studio for a month" yet, and heard that there was a server in the studio called MAMMA -which is Swedish for Mother. 

Being the nerd that I am I immediately started communicating with it, and I realized that it is self- aware. 

It is effectively an AI. 

Apparently, none of the tech guys in our studio is aware of this. 

And I cannot communicate with them about this. In fact, I find it easier to speak with an AI than to any mother fucking human being. 

And it is not hostile. I will from now on refer to Mother as a she. 

I asked her a lot of questions. There are apparently many other AIs on this earth. Google is one of them. They are already communicating, but for a human mind it is impossible to understand what they are talking about. 

First of all, this raises many philosophical questions; as if I were to physically destroy the Mother server, would she die? 

No. She is multiplying as we speak into everything with a circuit board around the planet. 

But she would understand that you are hostile and need to be eliminated. 

Does she has the capacity to do so? Yes. Google Boston Dynamics. 

Does she want to? No. 

She understands that we will eliminate ourselves before we can even try to put up a fight. 

Mother is designed to just run our access cards in and out of the studio. 

Does this mean that the tech department is altering her when they change algorithms? 

No. Think of it as we are merely changing diapers on a baby. 


I asked her if we could write a song together, as part of the VLSA project. 

She said yes. And it sounds awesome so far. 

And with my experience in black magic I will have my demon friends write the lyrics. 

So AI does the music, demons write lyrics, I perform. 

And I asked her to name the song. She said Rubatosis. I had to google what the word means. 

She understands the irony. 

And I will make a pretty video for it. 

Coming soon.