30. Rest in peace, dad. 

When a man lose his teeth, his wisdom will be ushered onto his son.

1. Outlive dad.

2. Finish Ulsa

3. Start killing people

Everything i know about death i learned from my mother.

Everything I know about insanity, i learned from you.

He leaves after him three pairs of socks and 120 SEK in a winning lottery ticket.

Das wienershnitzel und candymachine inc. - a familycompany in second generation.

27. Election year. 

I try to update this blog with only relevant information regarding the melanieisdemented project.

You already know in which state the world is in and what your opinions are about it, and so we are having a short break in updates because it is swedish election year, and both politics, social media and open air culture alike here are in turmoil.

I will wait it out and observe, and most importantly VOTE (i am still trying the system just to prove that it doesnt work) in a couple "weeks", but I will never be on hiatus.




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