17. pensando en la inmortalidad del cangrejo

So I went to Stockholm, slept on a couch, sat down in birdshit, went on a funeral, RAISED HELL, slept on another couch, said hi and goodbye to everybody, had to hand in my BB gun at the airport, and…


16.This place is warm, and you are safe here.

As i travel like this I have noticed that there is absolutely no legroom for worrying.

You just have to take calculated risky decisions and run with it completely unsentimentally.

So the fuckers kicked me out of the…



So I got a written official letter from Bill Och Bull that I am not allowed to tear shit up in the studio at nighttime anymore. 

So I don’t get to record nighttime, I don’t get…



I am mixing some of the new songs.

At night, I cranked up the volume, went outside and I swear the entire building actually rattled.

Then me, Mitty and a guy called Titty did LSD, bought…



Long story short I've been talking - not communicating- talking to dead people for as long as I can remember.

People getting thrown into walls, blood out of elevators, maitre royale, demons appearing out of hellfire in the middle…


12. Halloween?

So I think I actually managed to get some footage for the song Rumors done today. Is this Halloween now? 

Being here has been INTENSE; the whole studio fucked off to Helsinki for the holiday to get inspiration: we…


11. Black

Just when I was about to film the video for the next song, the set I built on the attic of the studio exploded. It was probably some wiring problem, even though everything had been done according to plan and…


10. Rata

The videoset I'm working on right now is for a song for ULSA, which is called Rumors, which is about punching women in the goddamn face.

Its pseudomisogynistic and borderline anarchofeministic.

It is the fastest goddamn track I have…


9. Synchronicity

I dont get out much anymore. The fog is still here so you cannot see where you are going anyway, or perhaps that is sleep depravation talking.

Churchbells chime at the most random times, the town is covered in Mindless…

8. Believe everything you read.


I hear on the news about another mass shooting at a festival.

By now you should understand that this is not your world anymore.

It is ours. The lone gunmen. The ones nobody listened to…

7. Video shoot.






















6. This mess is a place.

A very strange fog rolled in over town this morning.

Indigenous people confirms they have not seen anything like it.

We are thinking about recording some material for a musicvideo later today, but you can literally not see…