5. Fall

There's a LINE HERE.

Doctors now confirm that what normal people call butterflies in their stomach are NOT what is in my stomach and that I should rather just stop eating dead insects.

I can't help eating dead shit, it lies around everywhere.

There is dead shit and there are people passed out all around here. This is rather a suicide watch than a music factory.

Whenever I usually see a knife, I just picture someone or myself getting stabbed, whereas here knives are used for cutting duct tape for music cables.

Whenever I see a child I normally just feel sorry for their parents, whereas here kids are seen as a creative commodity, capable of disgust and revenge.

Paranoia One -an infamous oldschool graffiti writer from Norway- woke me up just hours ago and forced me into drinking more at the local pub in town.

There was karaoke and I did Nirvanas Come As You Are, and the local clientele told me I had a beautiful voice as Paranoia One spoke to me about the dangers of Stockholms graffiti scene contra the dangers of Norways graffiti scene.

I returned to the studio and met a stunning woman. We agreed immediately that she will become the cover of ULSA.