25. thoughts on the aforementioned new show comin up.

Everyone in Marvels latest movie dies. Oh, and we have this slick as shit poster made! OBSERVE.The audience will consist of the most dangerous individuals on this planet, and this year the festival will hit an all-time-full. OF ALL TIMES, ALL TIMES, but we invite families, yes, because what we do is festive. Even if we go into  violent arguments sometimes with our loved ones, at least we dont do it in front of children.

Yeah, and another thing. We have launched this slick facebook page. It is completely useless, and I myself have found that the less likes we have the more successful we are, but we update it from time to time exclusively. So check it out. Yeah. We do it for the kids. Its a family show. Come on, who believes that argument anymore.

On a personal note: 

In the meantime i am trying to rent out so that I can continue my tour and working with ULSA. It is so hard to understand that in the middle of a refugee crisis -yes we are still there- not even refugees want to rent my apartment. Example: people say that the musicbusiness is crowded. No its not. There is no problem at all booking a venue anywhere.

This world has never made sense to me.

I feel dangerously alienated from your perspective of it. In fact i consider your world an enemy, you know, since it always hurts me?

Fun anecdote:

I was at an art gallery opening for one of my friends this spring, and all of my childhood heroes came up to me and thanked me for the horrifyingly realistic song RUMORS, pictured above.

Anyways. I am running. Running through the hoods of my recently passed away friends, wearing their clothes, so that I can build up some sort of resemblance of steam for this upcoming show. Even though my lungs hurt because I finally got the shit beaten out of me of my fathers friends for no reason.

Fuckem. And I have nobody to yell about this but you. Ulsa.