18. rambla

 Dear Liver, i am currently writing to you from heaven. I live in an apartment on rambla, which is in the middle of barcelona, which is in the middle of spain, which is in the middle of earth or whereever. 
 Locationality have always fascinated me, like a simple question; where is the universe located? 
 Anyway, rambla is crossing straight through a place called placa catalunya, where recently there was a proper terrorist attack, and also where recently police mowed down hundreds of people with rubber bullets just because they wanted liberty. 
 You see, spain is actually two things: Spain, and catalunya. Now catalunya wants independence, they want to do a brexit, which i think is insane. The last thing this world needs are more walls and borders. So fuck catalunya, but they are a really cool people though. The catalunyan flag is the only flag in the world which represents blood. 
 I am also intrigued by barcelona in general. NOBODY actually lives here. EVERYONE is just passing through in one way or the other, according to them. 
 And still my roommates tell me i must learn either catalunyan or spanish, otherwise promoters wont understand me, and im like fuck that, why dont yall niggas learn swedish? 
 On another note the music here is sick, i am getting my studio established and last nights show had to be evacuated three songs in because the crowd here is demented. Thanks to everyone for showing up tho. 
 Meanwhile, back in sweden i hear one of warner music execs got fired for sexual assault. Good. Fuck swedish.