16.This place is warm, and you are safe here.

As i travel like this I have noticed that there is absolutely no legroom for worrying.

You just have to take calculated risky decisions and run with it completely unsentimentally.

So the fuckers kicked me out of the studio, they had had enough of me simply being myself.

I got a panickattack and collapsed and had to be carried away in ambulance.

I told my colleagues that I will burn the fuckin place down, but they asked me not to, as a last favor.

I got to spend the night in the local psychward, where my roommate was a very loud gentleman, and the nurses kept telling me that this place is warm, and you are safe here.

That became my mantra through the remainder of the night.

As I got out, I perhaps somewhat hastily released two new videos for the upcoming EP, as seen above, just in case I might not make it.

Will be leaving back for Stockholm tonight, and then probably India.