12. Halloween?

So I think I actually managed to get some footage for the song Rumors done today. Is this Halloween now? 

Being here has been INTENSE; the whole studio fucked off to Helsinki for the holiday to get inspiration: we went to museums and concerts, met up with and talked to pretty much every other artist in Finland, did a shitload of weed and shrooms and bombed the shit out of the city streets. 

The others stayed in Helsinki for the holiday, while I went back here. So I’m alone here now. 

I have rebuilt the attic, and did the video in one take. Now for editing. I have started smoking cigars for some reason. 

This studio is all I know now. I have pretty much cut the cords to the outside world’s social media, but as I briefly logged in today I see that a hashtag #metoo is trending everywhere. Which is funny, since that is exactly what the song Rumors is about. The Universe is only a mirror and just a mirror – don’t you ever forget that. 

A friend of mine – arguably Sweden’s foremost grime DJ- once showed me a huge studio in a batcave in central Stockholm, and I remember thinking that this is all I’ve ever wanted, and now I have it. 

The studio is all I know now. There is absolutely no place else to go. And I can not really leave until the outside world begins to make a shred of sense. I think I have developed some severe form of paranoia and agoraphobia. 

And I'm alone here, just trying to do damage control since the attic blew up, police have already shown up twice and I got punched out by some girl at a party the other day.

And I’m alone here, wearing clothes I have got second hand from friends who killed themselves. 

My peers advised me to take the holiday off, but I can only think in subbasses and holorhymes now. 

And I have this gnawing feeling that this might be my last album. I don’t think I have more life in me than this, and I am frankly surprised I have managed it this far completely on my own.